Tucana People Analytics Podcast | Insights & Interviews from the World of Human Resources

Weekly interviews with leading practitioners, thought leaders and pioneers in the field of People Analytics, drawing in Workforce Planning, Employee Insight and game-changing technology. Find out what you can be doing to push ahead with your own work in People Analytics, and how your company can get a real cometitive edge by using the latest methods and technologies as they emerge. Chaired by Max Blumberg and David Green
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Tucana People Analytics Podcast | Insights & Interviews from the World of Human Resources




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Oct 26, 2016

Ian Bailie speaks about his personal journey in becoming a People Analytics leader at a global tech company, as well as the company’s journey in becoming a leader in this space, using analytics across the talent lifecycle.

Cisco Systems is one of the most recognisable brands in the technology industry, and Ian plays a very senior role in ensuring they are able to capture the very best talent in a notoriously competitive industry. He talks with David Green about:

  • Why People Analytics is important for HR and the business
  • The journey so far at Cisco, and what’s on the horizon
  • Some of the challenges that have been overcome
  • How the People Analytics team is organised
  • Advice for practitioners and organisations looking to get started
  • What the next trends are likely to be in the People Analytics space
  • A preview of Ian’s session at the upcoming People Analytics Forum in November.
Oct 11, 2016

What if publicly-listed companies had to report their HR metrics like talent capability and training costs in the same way that they reported profit-to-earnings and material investment?

It might sound unrealistic to some, but that view is not shared by the UK government, which has been working with the CIPD, CIMA and several other organisations on a project that aims to achieve precisely that.

The ‘Valuing your Talent’ initiative was the brainchild of Dr. Anthony Hesketh, professor at Lancaster University, and Peter Cheese, head of the CIPD. Dr. Hesketh went on to write the seminal paper that gave birth to the movement, which is slowly gaining momentum among businesses and professional associations.

Max Blumberg talks with Anthony Hesketh about this project, and also with Krysta Gough, who has been working with the CIPD, along with several others (Max included), to help design and implement this coming shake-up in how business views and measures its human capital.

Key questions they will answer:

  • Why is a human capital framework important, and who benefits?
  • How did ‘Valuing Your Talent’ arise as a concept?
  • What has been the response from industry so far?
  • What kind of challenges/obstacles/resistance are being faced?
  • Will we achieve standardisation when it comes to people metrics?
  • Why should companies get involved with VyT? And how can they get involved?
Oct 6, 2016

The challenges that HR faces in launching a sustainable People Analytics initiative, from gaining support among key partners and building influence around the organisation, to demonstrating value for them and proving the value of HR as a data-driven function of the business.

A People Analytics project – like any project – that doesn’t have external and senior support is unlikely to get off the ground. It’s essential to identify the key partners and build trust and support around the organisation.

Linda Kennedy has worked in senior HR roles in several major organisations, including SIG plc and T-Mobile. She has successfully launched several such initiatives, and is well-versed in the politics and psychology of lobbying, building influence, and convincing others of the actual and potential value of data-driven HR.

In this episode, she speaks with Max Blumberg – himself a qualified psychologist – about:

  • Identifying key partners
  • How to get them onside
  • The art and science of lobbying
  • The role of technology in driving change
  • Advice on how to become a more influential player in the organisation.